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Sales Executive

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Arriving in Australia in 1981, Duong worked in a variety of roles within the clothing and manufacturing industry. Successfully running his own factory for a number of years has provided him with an extensive client base in the fashion industry and a strong background in sales and customer service. His international dealings have also provided him with clients of different backgrounds, particularly from Asia.

Over the years, Duong's experience as Project Manager for personal Property Developments has provided him with a natural transition into an industry he is very passionate about.

A multilinguist, Duong offers a vast cultural awareness and the ability to speak fluent Chinese, Vietnamese, Cantonese and some Mandarin, gives him a distinct advantage over competing agents in the area.

Duong greatly appreciates SCOOP for its enviable brand power as well as it meticulous structure system and the wide marketing exposure that it affords its clients.

As part of the rapidly expanding SCOOP network, Duong is determined to take his career to the next level with a company that demands the highest standards and outstanding results.

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